Producers Statement

This story is not only about dance. This story IS dance. In all its essentiality, we have brought to life a visually rich and dynamic work of art. 

The contrasting, abstracted bodies in motion, interspersed with beautiful cityscapes, street scenes and quiet, understated interviews, conveys surprising and subtle differences in our diverse, colorful subjects. The dynamism of run-and-gun, guerilla-style photography combined with painterly compositions, gives the film a sense of scale that exceeds what such minimal production resources and skeleton crews typically achieve. 

Our intimate and verité style utilizes extended takes and on-the-fly blocking to launch the viewer into our dancers’ world. Complementary interviews, engaging with naturalistic light sources and a traditional 3-point lighting set-up, enmesh the commentary as an organic and unobtrusive part of this narrative. Alongside image, the soundtrack interweaves original compositions with a blend of ethereal, new-alt pieces, transporting seasoned viewers into a world of auditory exploration. 

SHAKE THESE BONES is a thought provoking, audiovisual choreography, with the ambitious but delicate voice to uplift the Gibney story in all its moving parts 

Amy Sewell and Stephanie Troise Walter