Director Statement

A vision to capture the beauty of movement, with remarkable fluidity, and to build momentum off of a poignant and historical time in contemporary dance – we ask: Is dance essential?

SHAKE THESE BONES is a study in cinematic choreography. From the cultural divide of dance, once a traumatic profession laden with abuse, to the launch of a diverse and compassionate dance company, this film illuminates the Gibney mission. Our intention is not only to showcase the physical prowess of the Company, but also to spotlight the ways in which Gibney dancers give back to their profession and their communities as social justice warriors. 

The cinematography encompasses natural light and utilizes the camera as a fluid, moving partner in conjunction with the storytelling and subject matter. Through the use of close-ups and portraits, an intimate and personal window is opened, shining light on the lives of the dancers, the choreographers and the company lead.

We created a film that vividly captures the emotional challenges in contemporary dance during a time of grave obstacle in society. We lent our lens to the deepest part of each dancer, as they explored who they are, what makes them dancers, and what makes them dance.

Olga Lvoff